Forward-thinking organisations understand that the integration of world economies into a single global village will continue to influence their quest to survive and thrive. At a strategic level, organisations from every sector of the economy are exposed to an increasingly intricate tapestry of political, economic, social and technological complexities. These complexities are compounded by an explosion of knowledge. Navigating through the “knowledge” economy has many implications for education, training, and practice in various disciplines and professions.
In order to effectively compete and succeed in today’s hyper-competitive markets, professionals are required to possess a unique set of non-static skills. MANCOSA Executive Education offers innovative insights and professional training to nurture the talent that is required by individuals and their organisations to get ahead. The skills and new perspectives that are imparted to participants enable them to upgrade their knowledge and practice their profession at an expert level.

Accredited and Registered

MANCOSA is a registered and accredited higher education provider with experience in the development and delivery of management and other programmes.

Affordable and Accessible

MANCOSA Executive Education online courses are affordably priced and highly accessible.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

MANCOSA maintains that success at the workplace depends on a combination of theoretical understanding and practical application. The course content and associated assessment interventions develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach ensures that students realise their true potential and contribute meaningfully to their organisations.

Internationally Benchmarked

MANCOSA programmes are benchmarked with leading international business schools. The result is a recognised educational qualification that ranks among the best available today.

Flexible Structure

The flexibility of MANCOSA Executive Education online courses caters to the personal needs of individuals. Students are able to complete their programme while at the same time develop their individual careers.

Infrastructure and Support

MANCOSA’s discipline experts, academics and tutors combined with contemporary educational resources and technology enables students to gain access to high quality academic support throughout their studies. MANCOSA caters for a diverse student population.

Value to Organisations

Employers benefit from MANCOSA programmes because its graduates have attributes which are personally and professionally valuable and are well-equipped with knowledge and skills to add value to their organisations.

Multicultural Faculty

The diverse nature of MANCOSA’s academic staff ensures a stimulating mix of knowledge and skills.